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Our Story:

The PLAY YOUR HERO Experience evolved from a simple cartoon Kara drew to help her son understand emotion. As her son grew, the drawings and ideas grew as well. Once her son, Grayson, became passionate about video games, she saw the perfect opportunity to show him that he already possessed the skills to be a power player and creator in his own life.


Holding a vision to partner up with a talented illustrator and writer,  Kara found David and together they created a number of short comic strips (click to see those here) to communicate Kara's message to her son.


(Kara & Grayson)
(David & Jack)

The idea took root and quickly developed into the comic High Score Heroes (click here to check it out!).

Before connecting with Kara, David had traveled extensively and lived in Taiwan for 5 years teaching English to kids.  He returned to the United States in 2015 to be closer to his family (especially his nieces and nephews) and pursue a career as an illustrator. Despite being 6’5”, he is just a big, fun-loving kid at heart! 


As the comic book idea grew, David realized it could be communicated even more powerfully using Virtual Reality as a medium for telling the story.


The VR Comic idea is still being developed, but in the mean time, you can see David's VR creations on his personal website (click here to go to David's site in a new window)!


Want to know more about our story? 



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